Wendy Williams Skewers Rob Kardashian After He Complains About Blac Chyna's Six Flags Outburst

“All gloves pass off whilst you birthed with a stripper. You should not have a spine that I have ever noticed. He is being complaining that he offers her $20,000 a month to reinforce her way of life,” Wendy stated. “You might be caught Rob, you are caught with a stripper who’s working circles round you.  Prevent whinge that she makes extra money than you, that is as a result of her hustle is more difficult than you.” 

Wendy endured to blasts Rob’s feedback about cash bother. 

“She makes extra money than him. Neatly, Rob, I am sorry that your sock line did not figure out. The socks are $35 — who’s paying $35 for a sock from a Kardashian…. No one desires a sock from this slob,” Wendy stated. 

The colour used to be certainly served with a hefty serving to. 

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