ARK Survival Evolved update: Big new PS4 download arrives – here’s what it does

The advance group have simply deployed a brand new PS4 patch, which objectives to maintain a couple of problems.

It’s now not the large ARK Survival Evolved update being deliberate for liberate in mid-April, which can come with an extended listing of adjustments.

Then again, apparently that whilst this new patch is best having a look to unravel a couple of insects, some avid gamers are reporting a large obtain.

ARK avid gamers on Reddit have showed receiving downloads weighing in at 27GB, one thing that doesn’t seem a part of the plan.

Group supervisor have showed that whilst the patch does glance larger than it will have to, the replace is right kind.

This new ARK Survival Advanced replace objectives to unravel a couple of problems hooked up with construction buildings within the recreation.

“The PS4 patch that simply went out is to get to the bottom of the issue with buildings now not putting correctly, and the complex workbench construction,” Studio Wildcard confirms.

Those are the one adjustments indexed by way of the Studio Wildcard group, who’re making ready for the release of the brand new TLC 2 patch later this month.

Fanatics could have additionally spotted new Egg-themed tournament is lately are living in ARK Survival Advanced.

Operating till April 10th, survivors will be capable to enjoy the “Eggcellent Journey” Match on all platforms.

All over the development, survivors will be capable to accumulate particular “Bunny Eggs” around the ARK from wild Bunny Dodo’s and Bunny Oviraptor’s.

Those Bunny Eggs can paint or be utilized in particular Cooking Pot recipes to craft holiday-themed pieces comparable to Bunny Ears, a Bunny Dress for the Procoptodon, are two emblem new cosmetics: the Knitted Chick Hat and Egg Shell Hat for each survivor and dino.

The TLC 2 patch will glance to redesign an inventory of dinos, in addition to supply some new adjustments to the Ragnarok mod.

Right here’s an inventory of alternative adjustments enthusiasts might wish to know in regards to the new tournament:

  • Wild creatures roaming the ARKs may also in finding themselves feeling eggcellent, carrying brilliant colors of Inexperienced, Magenta, Yellow, and Blue.
  • Wild Dodos are changed by way of Bunny Dodos – with ears, taming disabled, and drop 50% consumable dodo eggs and 50% Bunny eggs
  • Wild Oviraptors are changed by way of Bunny Oviraptors – with ears, taming disabled, and drop 50% consumable Oviraptor eggs and 50% Bunny Eggs
  • Bunny Eggs can also be positioned at the floor and painted
  • Bunny Eggs will expire after roughly two weeks from inventories, and positioned eggs will straight away decay as soon as the development is became off.
  • Run your personal server with ‘-ActiveEvent=Easter’ to show at the tournament
  • Operating the similar server with out -ActiveEvent=Easter will delete all positioned egg buildings
  • PC avid gamers can use Steam > ARK > Homes > Common > Set Release Choices and paste in -ActiveEvent=Easter to enjoy the development in unmarried participant/non-dedicated/participant committed worlds. You should permit the development your self in those modes.
  • Match isn’t to be had in Primitive Plus, or unmarried participant console worlds, non-dedicated console servers, or participant committed console servers. Console can on the other hand spawn and use the brand new cosmetics with the command beneath.

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