6 More Cartoons We Want To See Supernatural Cross Over With

Supernatural has attempted with regards to each and every wacky approach to placed on an episode through this level within the 13th season, and the Scooby-Doo crossover is also the display’s wackiest episode so far as Sam, Dean, and Castiel have been despatched into an animated journey to have interaction with (and utterly disillusion) the Scooby gang. The “Scoobynatural” crossover produced solid ratings for Supernatural, which leads us to wonder whether extra animated crossovers may just occur. Learn on for our selections of the most efficient animated displays that would utterly are compatible with Supernatural!

The Flintstones

The Winchester boys aren’t any strangers to touring again in time, however being despatched again to a prehistoric time that has dinosaurs coexisting with other people in animated glory? That will be a brand new one. Given Dean’s enthusiasm for Scooby-Doo, it might make sense if he additionally watched The Flintstones as a child, and I will nearly already listen him yelling “Yabba dabba doo!” If the Impala did not move over with them adore it did in “Scoobynatural,” they must improvise guns with regardless of the Flintstones and Co. have available. They would have a troublesome time getting their arms on iron, let by myself shotguns and holy oil. Oh, the shenanigans that might ensue! Would Dean hit on Betty and Wilma like he did on Daphne? More than likely, and he’d most probably get the similar effects as he did with Daphne.

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